If you are sick of what I was sick of…

…the confusion and all the second-guessing.

…the backsliding and getting in your own way.

…all the hard work and having nothing to show for it.

Then I invite you to settle in and get comfortable. Because helping women ditch these cycles once and for all is what I do best.




I’m McKenzie Zajonc (ZAY-JON), founder of the Inner Nutritionist™, and setting women free of the food and body struggle is my thing. I’m so glad you are here. This is a safe haven where women are coming to feel better. And I know how much you want to feel better.

For decades the food and body struggle was my full-time job. I would swear off sugar and carbs, fail miserably, obsess about every morsel that hit my mouth, and secretly binge. I could have won a gold medal in emotional eating. A silver medal in mindless compulsive eating. I’d diet or “cleanse”, only to eat my way back to square one. I was miserable.

I’m the type of gal that gets to the bottom of things. So I began digging for answers. I started by obtaining two master’s degrees: A Masters in Nutrition and a Master’s in Health Psychology from the world’s largest Naturopathic Medicine school, Bastyr University. I spent half a decade with my head in textbooks studying the organic chemistry of nutrition and our bodies – as well as psychology and spiritual texts – getting to the root of what it means to change, empower, and grow.

I also studied self-defeating patterns – mine and those of the hundreds of women I’ve had the pleasure to work with at this point in my career. I’ve tracked the self-saboteur and how we get in our own way. I’ve learned the main themes as to why the pledges women make to themselves fall down mid-flight. And why women feel so confident and committed one minute and the very next, throw in the towel.

With these insights, I now know how to show up for myself. I can stop at two scoops of ice cream and feel confident around chocolate and chips. I enjoy my food and move on with my day without guilt. I’m stable at my natural weight and trust my body to do her thing – instead of calling on the 24 hour surveillance team to watch my every move. I speak kindly to myself, not in a fake way, but in a real and sustainable way. And above all, I have space and freedom to follow my dreams and create the life I want.

And it’s my calling to help you do the same.





I want to know your hungers.

The short-term, messy ones that help you cope with the uncertainties and stress of life. And the long-term, healing ones that fuel you from head to toe and help you shine.

I want to know what feeds you.

How you show up for yourself even when it means making someone mad and rocking the boat. And how you embrace your gifts – all of them – in their beauty and in their imperfections.

I want to know the real you.

The one who has her own back and cheerleads herself towards her deepest desires. And the one who doesn’t just think she’s worth it, but knows she’s worth it.

I want to know what it would mean to let the good in now.

Not after you lose 20 pounds, find love, or have enough money for a private chef. And, how when you let the good in, you begin to love your body and your life.

Because we take care of what we love.



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What I cannot live without…

  • Coconut Ice Cream.
  • Quiet Time; silence.
  • My best friend, partner, and husband William John.
  • Earrings. Big ones.
  • Lately, writing. Mostly in my journal.
  • My family, oh boy. They are home.

Fun facts only a few people know about me…

  • I spent the night in front of CBS studios waiting in line so I could get my grandma on the Price is Right. She got on.
  • I’ve played in the NCAA Division I Final Four Soccer National Championship.
  • My mom, an Oregon State Legislator at the time, took me to work and breast-fed me in the Capitol.

What I am working on…

  • Letting uncertainty be a friend.
  • Showing up, just that. Showing up, no attachments.
  • Humor. Find it. Everywhere.
  • Indian Food Recipes – dang that’s a whole new ball game.

What I like to celebrate…

  • Birthdays. Every single year. Sometimes half birthdays too.
  • Dear friends.
  • Life transitions.
  • Mental breakthroughs, small or large, they propel me forward.
  • A good bottle of wine.

What I have spent hours and hours doing in my life…

  • Practicing and playing the sport of soccer and more recently, Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Inquiring into my inner world and studying with therapists, coaches, and spiritual teachers
  • Developing a compassionate relationship with my body. (Constant learning here!)
  • Being preoccupied with my weight and food.
  • Surviving two masters degree programs at the same time.


The “Professional” Bio:

McKenzie Zajonc, MS, CN, LMHCA, is clinically trained in Whole Foods Nutrition and Health Psychology and has spent much of her life seeking the truth of food, nourishment, and the art of behavior change. Voted top Nutrition Coach at Microsoft, McKenzie has consulted and spoken for a variety of Pacific Northwest groups such as YMCA, Sound Mental Health, Seattle Urban Farm Co., Bainbridge Yoga House, and Groundspeak.

McKenzie is the founder of Inner Nutritionist, a business committed to freeing women who have been hijacked by our diet-minded culture. She helps her clients trade in their food and body struggle for a more meaningful, free, and magnificent life. She is not your typical Nutritionist.

McKenzie has her Masters in Nutrition and Health Psychology from the world’s largest Naturopathic Medicine school, Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. She speaks often, sometimes to large groups, and a lot of time to herself. She would love to hear from you.

Credentials and Certifications

  • Masters in Nutrition, Bastyr University 2011
  • Masters in Healthy Psychology, Bastyr University 2011
  • Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Agriculture 2003
  • Certified Intuitive Eating™ Counselor 2011
  • Certified Health at Every Size™ Facilitator 2012
  • Voted Top Health Coach at Microsoft Health Fair 2012