“I’ll feel better if I exercise, but…”

I’m writing this blog on a beautiful Pacific Northwest Saturday morning. A blue sky around these parts is s.p.e.c.i.a.l – and yet I feel myself being pulled in every direction. There are weeds growing to the size of small trees in the backyard, dishes in the sink, a full laundry basket, and friends to host

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Trusting your pace

  For the first time in my business I’ve gone several weeks without blogging, posting on social media, or offering free workshops. The reason is because Billy and I have spent the past year looking for a house (out of the city), and after spending dozens of Saturdays at open houses, one came along this

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The never ending food “ride”

I help women crack the code to the exhausting food “ride,” where one minute it’s smooth sailing – you’re thinking, I’ve so got this – and then BAM! The tables turn. Food chaos and overconsumption take hold. The once confident high is now glutted with guilt. This experience of swinging “on track” then “off track”

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