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I’m here to teach you how to create a life and nutrition plan you love and how to take care of your body like you never have before.


075McKenzie Zajonc copy_RT 2I meet with clients over phone or Zoom (like Skype), whichever you are most comfortable with. We meet either once a week or once every other week, depending on your needs. If you aren’t sure of your needs, I’d be happy to work with you so we can determine frequency of sessions together. I ask that we work together for a minimum of three months, as this allows for deeper growth and progress.

I charge $350/month if we meet twice per month and $650/month if we meet four times per month. This includes 60 minute sessions and light email support between sessions.

If you’d like to chat about working with me or have questions, schedule a free 20 minute consultation and we can explore more about working together.

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In-person appointments: If you live in the Seattle or Bainbridge Island area, I’d be happy to meet for in-person sessions. As a masters level Nutritionist and Counselor I am able to accept health insurance for in-person appointments. I currently accept Premera, Kaiser, Lifewise, Aetna, First Choice Health, Regence, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans. For questions regarding your coverage for Nutritional Counseling benefits, please use this Nutritional Benefits Questionnaire as a resource.


My office is located on Bainbridge Island (See a map) and in Seattle I’m located in the Fremont District of Seattle. (See a map)

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parrish-wilsonMcKenzie’s ability to connect with the deep needs of her clients is beautiful and truly moving. She is so fully committed to their unique and personal path in this world, ready to act as a guide to bring them to a greater experience of ease and joy in their lives. She genuinely walks her talk as she chooses openness, honesty and health in her own life. Working with McKenzie will open your eyes to the possibilities available to you in creating a life you love to live.

– Parrish Wilson | content strategist and writing coach

Leslie BrooksWhen I began working with McKenzie I struggled with anxiety about my body and the food choices I was making.  Through my work with her I’ve experienced a new feeling of freedom with my food choices and a greater appreciation for my body.  I wanted to let go of the years I’d spent preoccupied with weight, food, and exercise but I didn’t know how to do this without feeling like I was losing control and giving in to the disappointment that I’d never have the “perfect body” or the “healthiest diet.” In our work together, McKenzie’s empathy, encouragement, and expertise helped me trust the process of rebuilding my relationship with food and weight by listening to my body’s queues and signals for guidance on what to eat, tuning out the diet culture, and challenging my own false beliefs about health. I still have work to do, but I have greater confidence that I can become a healthier, happier person through letting go of the rules, restrictions, and criticisms I used to let influence me.  McKenzie has been an invaluable partner in this process and I look forward to our continued work together.


Carol IAMcKenzie is a miracle worker. I am a 63 year old, slightly overweight woman. Intelligent, happily married, with a challenging career. But I have a nemesis and it has plagued me for decades. It has wreaked havoc with my peace of mind and done untold damage to my self-confidence. What is this nemesis? A nearly constant, ever-present obsession with food, diets, and my body. For as long as I can remember, my eye has been on the next diet, the next quick fix that would give me the thin body I was desperate to have and that I knew would solve all my problems.Enter McKenzie Zajonc, the Inner Nutritionist. With her gentle wisdom … her inquiring mind … her empathy for what I’ve been dealing with … her savvy around nutrition … she has worked miracles with me. After 8 months with McKenzie, I am a transformed woman. My obsessions of 50 years are gradually fading into silence. I’m actually beginning to love my body. I am not on a diet, nor do I have any compulsion to be on one. I’m learning to listen to my body’s cues – for hunger and satisfaction. Fading into the background are all the shoulds and shouldn’ts I’ve carried around about what to eat and what not to eat. I have no doubt that with these transformed ways, my body will ultimately reach its optimal size and weight. And in the meantime? I’m FREE!!! If you are suffering with your own food and body obsessions, a fixation with diets, and a quiet desperation to be thin, I recommend McKenzie Zajonc without reservation.

-Carol Winkler

Emily Jones FormalMcKenzie is so refreshing. Her down to earth approach to Nutrition taught me what it means to have a true healthy body. Her wisdom has allowed me to relax more about my nutrition plan and at the same time, feel more confident than ever. She is very knowledgeable and incredibly easy to work with.

– Emily Jones

Allison PuryearMcKenzie brings a compassionate, knowledgeable voice to people struggling with their relationships with food and their bodies. Anytime I refer a client to McKenzie, I know that they will be heard, respected & appreciated as a whole person. Her graduate degrees in psychology and nutrition inform her coaching and her passion for learning has kept her at the forefront of best practices. As a frequent collaborator I can attest to McKenzie’s easy connection with clients, ability to activate change in people who struggle with self-compassion & the incredible impact she makes on the lives of people who now love and respect their bodies.

-Allison Puryear LSWC, CEDS

Sue BatesI’ve referred many clients to McKenzie and they just LOVE her! She is so gracious and can size up very quickly what someone needs. McKenzie is like no other nutritionist. She is smart and helps clients with their unique needs because it’s just not one size fits all. She studied at Bastyr, one of the best schools in the country. She is masters level, not just a coach or certified. She knows her stuff! She is my go to nutritionist and when I refer people to her they feel well taken care of.

– Sue Bates M. Ed.

Katie EI am so thankful for Mckenzie. I am truly amazed at what we have accomplished in just a handful of sessions! Her recommendations are evidence based and are totally approachable. I feel grounded not only in my nutrition plan, but also our children’s plan. Our children (ages 2.5 years and 10 months) have healthy attitudes around eating and are thriving, thanks to the solid foundation laid through Mckenzie’s feeding philosophies. Mealtimes are stress-free, well balanced, and enjoyable. Friends often ask me how we get our children to eat so well — I give all the credit to McKenzie! I am so thankful for her.

– Katie Etchegaray LCSW

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McKenzie really gets me. She is so compassionate and also a wealth of information.In my experience, that’s a shockingly rare combination. McKenzie has helped me and several women I know end the struggle with food & body. It’s amazing how different every day feels now that I’m at peace with my body. No more trying on 20 outfits before leaving the house, no more feeling uncomfortable in my skin, no more worrying what others think about my body. I’m psyched to be able to funnel that energy into things that really matter to me and to be a good role model for my daughter.

– Allison S.

Thank you McKenzie for introducing me to my Inner Nutritionist and guiding me back to the foods that heal. Your insights and education have been incredibly valuable.

– Jennifer Waldron

I am the kind of person who is more likely to make lifestyle changes if I understand the how and why.  McKenzie explains ‘the way things work’ in a patient and enthusiastic manner.  I come away from our conversations more empowered and excited about nutrition.  I owe a lot to McKenzie!

-B. Bradshaw

I cannot speak highly enough about McKenzie and the work that she does through counseling and nutrition.  She is extremely knowledgeable and understands that each person is unique and therefore meets each individual client where they are in their life. McKenzie is a truly caring and compassionate person who was put on this earth to help people through this type of work.  I value our work together immensely.

Shaina B.

McKenzie Zajonc strikes the perfect balance between being knowledgeable, supportive, and flexible.  She takes a personalized and holistic approach and provides meaningful and actionable tools to promote and maintain wellness. McKenzie is the first person I turn to for guidance on food, body, health, and life!

Erin H.

McKenzie brings a unique blend of deep knowledge and enthusiastic kindness to her work. Families, individuals, children, tweens -all can benefit greatly from her approach to nutrition and wellness. I refer clients to her with confidence.

Gwen McConnell M.D.


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