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Eating Doesn’t have to be so hard.

Some of the most wonderful people I know - family, dear friends, corporate executives, yoga teachers, artists, mom’s and dad’s have reported food and their bodies to be a “thing.” I personally lived that struggle for two decades. If this rings true for you, welcome. I build this site as a refuge from all the noise out there - the next “best” fad or quick fix. You’ve been there done that. So please, come in, take your shoes off, and make yourself at home. I’m so glad you’re here.

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I've spent nearly two decades studying the reasons why some of the most hard working, capable people get caught up in draining food cycles, myself included. Discover what I’ve found and get started on 11 core principles and action steps designed to get you out of your rut with food and your body. See you there!


meet mckenzie zajonc, MS, CN, Lmhc

Read about my life-long challenges with food and my body, my journey in becoming a Master's Level Nutritionist and Emotional Eating expert, and how I taught myself (and now teach my clients) to feed their very best selves.

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