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The Gift of Your Emotional Eating

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When cleints come to me for their emotional eating, they often believe they “should know better” and that food will be a life-long nuisance and pain.

While I get it, those stories must be challenged.

Because what I’m pretty sure of, is this:

Your eating issue is one of the best things that can happen to you.

Your emotional eating is a personal message – addressed to you and only to you – trying to get you to pay attention to what needs paying attention to.

It’s your cue – your red flag – that something in your life needs your consideration and care.

Something beyond the plate, the cupboards, and the scale. Something non-food, non-body related that doesn’t have a voice of its own and is finding its way to you through the food.

When you get the urge to. . .

scarf cookies…

shove peanut butter …

cram cheese …

stuff cake…

…down your throat…

. . .that’s communication from a deeper part of yourself – giving you the clue that something is off.

You’re overly busy, trying to do too much.

You aren’t taking care of yourself the way you really need to.

You’re letting your inner critic drive.

You’re procrastinating a project or ignoring a calling.

You’re putting off a hard conversation.

You’re not allowing yourself to feel your feelings.

You’re losing yourself in a relationship.

You’re trying to control things that are out of your control.

Your emotional eating is your wake up call. It’s showing you where you’ve gone astray, lost your center, and where you’ve skipped over something substantially important for yourself and your life.

Without our eating issue we wouldn’t have a warning sign. Our problems would grow bigger, our holes deeper, and our needs more deficient.

So go gentle. Your emotional eating is not the enemy.

It’s quite the opposite.

Your emotional eating is your soul speaking directly to you.

And that is a gift. One of the very best we can receive.

With love,


mckenzie zajonc